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Investigations in Israel - This story is completely true, but some details were altered in order to prevent the exposure of those involved. Investigators from our agency participated in exposing a sophisticated attempt at a sting operation, which was carefully planned by a professional conman.
Soccer Corruption - Corruption on the soccer fields, selling of games by players, paying bribes, the underground world and criminal entities – an experienced private investigator (and former senior police officer) responds to these phenomena and provides recommendations for taking action.
How to Detect a Lie – Human Polygraph Tests - Private investigators know how to recognize a lie. The body language and speech style of the liar may give him or her away, and it is therefore important to know what to look for when talking to a friend or any other person you may suspect of lying.
Insurance Cartel Investigations - Who doesn’t remember those awful days when we bounced from one insurance company to another in order to receive a good price quote for car, business, or homeowners insurance? And what did we get? The same price quote from all the insurance companies. You cannot live without insurance – everyone knows that. Insurance cartel investigations…
Resurrection - For over 25 years I have been dealing with investigations and intelligence services. I don’t recall any investigation that was as bizarre as the one ordered from me half a year ago. Our investigation agency was approached through the website. The client, a respected and educated man from northern Israel presented us with the following story…
The Irangate Affair - In 1991 I managed one of the most complicated and sensitive cases ever investigated by the National Unit for Fraud Investigations with my colleague, Michael Movshovitz. This affair received the unflattering nickname, “Irangate,” based on the “Watergate” affair that led to President Nixon’s impeachment from the presidency in 1974.
The Greedy Scientist - The aeronautical industry is subject to the supervision and security instructions of the Ministry of Defense. In the winter of 1991, an informational tip was received by the National Unit for Fraud Investigations. The tip informed us that “David Rabinovich is receiving bribes in very high sums from one of the suppliers to the aeronautical industry. The bribe money is deposited in a Swiss bank”. At the time I was the head of the unit, so the tip was handed over to me and I was charged with handling and investigating the case.
Investigator – Investigated - An investigator versus an investigated person. How does a professional private investigator operate during an investigation in order to receive the required information? The four most important character traits for any private investigator.
Polygraph Tests – Truth Machines - An explanation of the polygraph institute and how a polygraph machine works. How is a polygraph test conducted, and when or where are polygraph tests used? What kinds of cases do we use polygraph tests for, and who are our clients?
Investigation Agency - An explanation of the character of a private investigation agency. How can the average citizen differentiate between various private investigation agencies? How can he tell which private investigation agency is suitable to execute an investigation in a particular field?
A Brief Acquaintance with a Private Detective - An acquaintance with a private detective, introduction to his working methods, and explanation regarding how to differentiate between detectives and private investigators. What is the role of a private detective working in the framework of a private investigation agency? How do you select a private detective?
Competitive Information Services for Communications Firms - Communications firms in Israel and worldwide often use competitive information services. What is the significance of establishing a system for collecting competitive information services in a firm? How does a competitive information service unit operate and collect information? The collection of business information on a regular basis necessitates supervision and broad professional knowledge.
Stories Told By Private Investigators - Private investigators from Yanir Levin Intelligence Advising - A Private Investigation Agency have conducted investigations in order to verify submitted claims. The findings of our investigations have revealed attempts at fraud. Comprehensive investigations have been conducted in Israel and in the United States by experienced private investigators. All names have been altered in order to prevent identification of the parties involved and ensure discretion.
The Law for Private Investigators - A law for private investigators and security services has been outlined and set by the legislating body.
A Private Investigator In Place of Gilad and Omri Sharon - A criticism of the behavior of Gilad and Omri Sharon during the course of the investigation into their affairs. The article expresses the viewpoint of its author, who is currently a private investigation agency director and was previously a senior investigator in the Israeli police.
Analyzer in Israel – Investigator vs. Hacker - A few years ago the writer of the article (who is currently a private investigator but was previously a senior police investigator) wrote his opinion regarding one of the first hackers to be caught in Israel.
Business Information Services – What For? - When is there a need for collecting business information? How can you identify the need for collecting business information and how do you use the information that has been gathered? The outlook of company executives needs to be matched with the changing times. Business information services are necessary for successful and fruitful management.
Private Investigators Examine Those Supported by Non - Profit Organizations - Private investigators can be helpful in examining how monetary donations given to non-profit organizations are being used. Money donated by the international Jewish community is sometimes used for purposes that are completely different from the goals presented by the non-profit organization.
Police Information and Journalistic Investigations - How do the various police units operate in terms of dealing with information services? When do investigations for a certain case begin, and what is the relationship between journalistic investigations and police investigations? The opinion of an author who is currently the director of a private investigation agency and who was a senior investigator in the past.
How to “Launder” Winnings from the National Lottery - The writer of this article came across an occurrence of laundering monetary winnings from the National Lottery while conducting an investigation. The article describes how money laundering has been done in the past. Since the time that this article was written, new laws have been legislated in order to prevent this phenomenon.
Have You Been Summoned to an Investigation? What to Expect and How to Act - How you should behave if you have been summoned to an investigation at a police station or at a private investigation agency. How a suspect should act during interrogations regarding any subject. What are the rights of the suspect during the investigation, and how should the suspect use them wisely? The article helps better understand the conduct of investigators during an investigation.
Private Investigator – What He Thinks About Inbal Gabrieli - The opinions of a private investigator regarding how the investigation of the Gabrieli family was conducted while Inbal Gabrieli was a Knesset member and chose to use her legal rights to protect her family home from being searched. Where are the boundaries between fortune and control?