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Private Investigators |  Private Investigations

Yanir Levin and Uri Shitrit jointly founded a leading and professional private investigation agency that ensures you business investigations and informational services on another level.
Our investigation agency is managed precisely and effectively. The agency employs senior detectives  with several years of experience both in general areas of investigation and
also specifically in executing complex private investigations. We stand by our word!

Our agency is prepared to execute a thorough and comprehensive investigations anywhere in Israel, or in several countries in the world and without limitations. A detective from our agency will be happy to assist you in creative ways - methods you have not yet thought of may resolve tangled and complicated situations. Private investigators from our agency are at your service and able to assist you at any time and with any issue, even now. The office is located in the quiet northern area of Tel Aviv and operates with a national distribution, 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

Yanir Levin and Uri Shitrit brought to their common venture the advantage of their rich experience. This experience includes commissioning private investigators, collecting business information services, conducting complex surveillances, using concealed photography, and assimilating sophisticated and advanced methods of investigation or detective work necessary in order to conduct a professional and successful investigation. We consider the satisfaction of every client to be the main measure by which to assess our success, and act with complete discretion and loyalty.

Experienced and professional private investigators are the guarantee for successful private investigations!

We are acquainted with several private investigators and business information service professionals operating in Israel and around the world, and believe that the combination of specialization and seasoned experience are sufficient to provide an appropriate, unique, and quality response to each one of our clients. Every investigation that is referred to us is personally handled by one of the office directors, an experienced private investigator, and then assigned to professional detectives that are suited to execute the investigation in the required field. At times we employ detectives who can operate on several parallel fronts for the purpose of collecting solid, quality evidence, business information, concealed photography, or any other type of information that is necessary in order to complete a professional investigation in the best interest of our clients.

Troubled by difficult questions? Burdensome thoughts? Highly experienced private investigators will find a creative solution to any problem!

Private investigators from our agency work under a license from the Legal Office with discretion, and in accordance to the laws of the state. The employment of a professional investigator or detective through our agency ensures quality private investigations and informational services on a different level. Our agency works cooperatively with several other detective agencies in Israel and in the world that specialize in various fields. agency operates a widespread network of informants and collaborators for the purpose of executing complex private investigations and information collection in difficult areas and under strained conditions in which others have failed.

We have several decades of investigative activity behind us, both in the framework of the leading security groups in Israel and in the execution of thousands of complex and fascinating private investigations. Private investigators from our agency have established and managed investigation systems at various organizations such as the Israeli Police, the Authority for Business Limitations, the Prime Minister’s office, and more. Over the years we have acquired a great deal of rare experience that still serves us to this day in conducting private investigations on another level.

Yanir Levin Intelligence Advising - A Private Investigation Agency employs private investigators that specialize, among others, in the following fields:

  • A private investigation for the purposes of a background check or to collect evidence
  • Protection of intellectual property, the location of forgers, and label forging
  • Business information services, competitive information, checking a line of credit
  • Financial investigation, locating property
  • Executing complex surveillances, technical GPS surveillance
  • Locating the residential address of any person, anywhere
  • Polygraph tests, professional polygraph institute
  • Private investigations in the criminal field, fraud
  • Installation of a concealed photographic system, security
  • Verification of damage, fire damage, or burglary claims
  • Prevention of audio bugging, detecting illegal audio bugging
  • Special private investigations, undercover operations
  • Resolving inheritance conflicts, locating legal heirs
  • Security survey, prevention of business losses, undercover customer
  • Divorce cases, investigation of infidelity situations, conflicts

    As we are an agency with a strong reputation, you can get recommendations regarding our services from senior attorneys in Israel and in the world. You can learn about the quality of private investigations that we have conducted from the managers of claims departments at several insurance companies operating in Israel and in a few European countries. detectives from our agency appear daily in various courts of law around the country in order to testify and present evidence that was collected during investigations or surveillances that we conducted. It is important to understand that an experienced detective both appears and sounds better while testifying in a court of law.

    Effective management of an experienced team of investigators ensures reliable and professional service of the highest standard to each client at our agency. One of the agency directors personally supervises each case in order to ensure the complete satisfaction of every client and the precision of a discrete, thorough, and comprehensive investigation.

    Quality investigations are conducted by detectives with proven professional experience!

    Every case brought to our agency is dealt with as soon as possible and with complete discretion, as necessitated by law. We invite you to visit our private Investigations Forum, which is managed by senior private investigators employed by our agency. The website management team includes investigators and experts that operate in parallel fields and who post original articles about topics relevant to our filed of work. As such, our clients can remain updated and receive quick and professional responses to inquiries regarding issues such as: polygraph tests, surveillances, business information services, property location, address location, building a divorce case, concealed cameras, photographic systems, infidelity, competitive information, and more.

    Contact us now and receive the professional consultation and assistance of a private investigator by phone  +972- 3- 5446363

    Yanir Levin Intelligence Advising - A detective Agency ensures you investigations and information services on a different level!