An acquaintance with a private detective, introduction to his working methods, and explanation regarding how to differentiate between detectives and private investigators. What is the role of a private detective working in the framework of a private inves
A Brief Acquaintance with a Private Detective
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A Brief Acquaintance with a Private Detective


What is an investigator or private detective? What differentiates a detective from a private investigator? What is the role of a private detective? Does a detective receive any legislated rights? How do you choose a private detective or investigator?

A private detective is licensed in accordance with the rules of the Private Investigator Law and the regulations put in place after that law’s legislation. The Legal Office established a division for licensing private investigators and this division is responsible for supplying any detective or private investigator with a license. The law and its regulations clarify the necessary requirements that are obligatory in order to receive a working license in the field (private investigator is the occupation title as described in the law).

Anyone meeting the necessary requirements can intern at an investigation agency under a senior private investigator that is empowered to train an interning private investigator. The internship period is 36 months. A person who has already worked in the field of public investigations and wishes to receive a private investigator license can approach the licensing committee in order to shorten the internship period or cancel it altogether.

Upon completing the internship period (or at least half of it), the license seeker has to pass an examination issued by the Israeli Courts of Professional Ethics.

An interning detective who has passed this examination is eligible to receive a legal license.

The role of a detective is to collect information in cases of legal, criminal, or civilian conflict in a wide and versified range of fields such as:  fraud, theft, divorce, embezzlement, division of property, etc. A detective collects information for businessmen, insurance companies, lawyers, other authorities, and the greater public.

The definition of a private detective as determined by law is “someone who deals with attaining or collecting information about one person for the use of another person, and who provides this service for everyone…  

Private detectives are obligated to demonstrate complete loyalty and discretion towards their clients. It is important to note that every private detective must obey the laws of the state and does not have any additional rights in the framework of the law.

A professional and experienced private investigator will know how to efficiently supply data and information in a frequent manner through use of a range of methods. The familiar methods of data collection continue to develop all the time, and every private detective develops his own skills accordingly. Detectives know, for example, how to collect information from various databases with speed and efficiency. A familiarity with databases and how to access them are important tools. 

Yanir Levin Intelligence Advising - A Private Investigation Agency has, over the years, hired and trained detectives with unique and impressive communication abilities. Every private detective in the agency knows how to act quickly, be convincing, and investigate and gather the necessary information. The ability to investigate is an acquired ability that develops and improves over the years.

Want to consult with or hire the services of detective?  Approach the best lawyers - they are probably familiar with a private detective who can assist you. The Yanir Levin Private Investigation Agency is well known among senior attorneys in Israel.  Every one of the detectives in the agency has investigated and collected information for hundreds of investigative cases over the years.

A detective operating in the framework of the Yanir Levin Private Investigation Agency knows how to work with confidence, determination, and a great deal of discretion. Detectives from our agency know how to appear in a court of law, present the findings of their investigation in an organized and logical fashion, be convincing, and make an especially credible impression.

One of the directors of our investigation agency is a well known senior investigator.  He recently became known as the person who investigated and collected information for the prosecutors in one of the largest damage claims ever brought to court in the state of Israel.

Want to consult a private detective?

Speak to a representative of the Yanir Levin Intelligence Advising - A Private Investigation Agency today.  It is important to remember that experienced detectives are the guarantee for the quality of an investigation.  You are invited to raise questions and consult with a private detective in our Investigation Forum.

Yanir Levin Intelligence Advising - A Private Investigation Agency ensures you investigations and information services on a different level!