A criticism of the behavior of Gilad and Omri Sharon during the course of the investigation into their affairs. The article expresses the viewpoint of its author, who is currently a private investigation agency director and was previously a senior investi
A Private Investigator In Place of Gilad and Omri Sharon
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A Private Investigator In Place of Gilad and Omri Sharon


Writing from the professional view point of a private investigator who has managed complex and sensitive police investigations in the past in the very same unit that interrogated the Sharon family, and who currently works in the framework of an investigation agency - I can say that if I were Gilad or Omri Sharon, the sons of Arik, I would not do what they did to their father.

As the son of a different father, I cannot help but determine that if there is truth in the consistent claims of father Arik (unless the results of the investigation prove otherwise) that he was unaware about the management methods of the sycamore ranch, the funding sources for his campaign, and that only his sons who are so skilled as businessmen are aware of what is going on in the various bank accounts - then this time the father must reap what the sons have sown. 

Gilad and Omri!

You father is not just any father. He stopped being your personal father a long time ago. Today he is the Prime Minister, before that he was a military figure, and afterwards he entered politics and served as a Minister in various departments. At each juncture in his military and political careers, he attracted attention.

He always left behind a trail of rumors, suspicions, law suits, slander cases, and journalistic investigations and reports. Most recently, audio recordings of the management of a battle in the Yom Kippur War were exposed that surely did not put the Sharon family at ease.

He leaves each juncture of his political life, with some sort of mark or scratch. Something always sticks to him - he is no Teflon. You, who were raised in his shadow, were familiar of course with his history - you experienced it up close, were partners to the pain, emotional turmoil, and his social and value codes. You knew that father Arik was subject to public criticism.

You knew they would always go after him - sometimes they would succeed in bringing him down, and sometimes they wouldn’t.  Sometimes he would win a legal case, and at other times he would be prevented from becoming the Defense Minister. 

The results of the last election, in which he won by an unprecedented and outstanding majority, exonerated him from his haunting past.  We almost forgot what we know about the unconventional Arik. We thought that the Sharon family might be able to enjoy a little quiet. No more journalists snooping in his past, no more investigations - the past was dead and there was a clean slate for Grandpa Arik, beloved by the majority of the Israeli public.

And here you two - the dear sons of father Arik who could serve as role models for sons who care for their busy and persecuted father (especially after the death of mother Lily who always defended her husband at all times) - you could have shown us a real life example of a unified, loving family. This time, you really messed up.

Gilad!  If you are guided strictly by the principle of acting in the best interest of your father and defending his good name, why didn’t you temporarily postpone accepting Dudi Apple’s offer to hire you as an alleged financial consultant in the “Greek Island” affair, which satisfies itself with collecting business information from the internet? 

You were completed dazzled by the big money and the fat check. You felt like you were an important figure playing in the big player’s court.  You would have been much more impressive and served as a model son if you had rejected Dudi Apple’s tempting offer to be a special consultant on the deal being formulated then. If there is anything difficult to accuse you of, it’s innocence.

The commercial audio bugging conducted in the office of the security consultant you hired together with the transcription of the tapes as they were exposed to the public testify to your sophistication and ability to protect yourself.

If you were less egotistical and thought for a second about the potential damage caused to your father through your association with Dudi Apple - not on the personal level, but on the business and media levels - you would give it all up and tell Apple: “Thanks for your trust in me, but I know that my father could be damaged by this.  Protecting my father’s good name is more important to me than any deal.”

It is hard to believe that you didn’t know or at least suspect that Apple approached you for reasons other than your professional qualifications. You know there are others in the field that are more experienced and seasoned than yourself. You were selected by Apple solely because you are the son of Arik.  Were you merely blinded by the big money and the fat contract?

It is unlikely that you were unaware of Dudi Apple’s background and his work techniques, which mostly use the proper connections with influential people in order promote his own business interests. There is no need for a conviction from a court of law to know that this is how Apple operates. Gilad, you fell in a honey trap. Today you, your brother, and your father are still licking your wounds as a result of this very trap.

You did not use the appropriate sensitivity and consideration necessary to protect your father’s good name in the Cyril Karen affair, either. What did you think, that if you went all the way to South Africa in search of sources of funding it wouldn’t blow up in your face someday?  Evidently, it happened sooner than you had planned. That’s politics - they will always hunt your father.

There is no rest in the political realm, those are the rules of the game. Even if we assume that your father knew what the source of the loan was, or even how to manipulate his connections from the war of independence with Cyril Karen, I would expect you to anticipate what would happen in the future and warn your father that this was not the way, that it was dangerous, and would hurt him.

What, only your late mother knew how to defend your father? She was the only one with the right instincts? She didn’t bequeath to you a tiny bit of what she was blessed with? Guarding and protecting the family unity.

Omri, you are no nest destroyer, either. According to publications and the state comptroller’s report, you directed the funding for your father’s primary’s campaign. Were you that unimpressed by previous investigations on the same subject that examined other politicians?  Why didn’t you learn a lesson from the thwarted attempts of others, who ended up spending countless hours in the interrogation room? Today you choose to take the right of silence, which doesn’t help your public status or the public status of your father.

Not to mention the infamous techniques and deals you conducted in the Likud. Who didn’t you befriend in order to promote yourself and your friends in the political center? Was it not clear to you that you are “the son of”, and that someday the consequences of your actions would stick to your father who has been trying to remove accusations from himself throughout his entire public and military careers?

What can I say to you, Gilad and Omri? If you were less greedy and more sensitive, modest, and thoughtful of your father’s delicate situation, you would have saved him from the shame, police investigations, and multiple media publications. What did your father essentially want - to finish his career as a successful Prime Minister who enjoyed the support of the public, and to show all his persecutors and critics that didn’t want him to be a commander in chief of the Israel Defense Forces or Defense Minister that he was as a successful Prime Minister.

If your father is forced to give up his seat as Prime Ministers then you, his children, will have sins to repent. With sons like you, maybe its not worth being a political father and a public figure. Think about it.

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