Private investigators from Yanir Levin Intelligence Advising - A Private Investigation Agency have conducted investigations in order to verify submitted claims. The findings of our investigations have revealed attempts at fraud. Comprehensive investigatio
Stories Told By Private Investigators
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Stories Told By Private Investigators


Private Investigators from the Yanir Levin Private Investigation Agency have assisted in exposing a fraud attempt and fraudulent legal case totaling several million NIS. The private investigators who directed the investigation operated by using a cover story and conducted a thorough investigation that lasted several weeks.

During this period, private investigations were conducted and valuable information was collected by senior private investigators from our agency. The investigation materials that were collected pointed in one direction.  Our private investigators acted in a variety of different methods including extended surveillances, use of concealed cameras, indirect investigations, audio recording, undercover investigation, and more…

The Yanir Levin Private Investigation Agency worked several hours a day in order to expose the imposters.  Senior private investigators conducted complex private investigations in Israel and in the United States. While private investigators from our agency were working in the United States, we rented the services of private investigators from an American private investigation agency with whom we have cooperated for years.

The following investigation story is completely true. Names of people and events have been slightly altered in order to prevent the exposure of any identifying details.

A few months ago, a compensation suit totaling a few million shekels was filed against a person. The suit claimed, among other things, that this person negligently harmed the prosecutor, who was a foreign resident.  Moreover, the suit claimed that this same person, at the time of the injury, was under the influence of drugs.  Publication of this law suit could have destroyed the life work of this person, destroy his good name and harm him financially.

Lawyers turned to investigators at Yanir Levin Intelligence Advising - A Private Investigation Agency and presented the plot of the suit along with additional relevant documents. An experienced team of private investigators examined the evidence materials. A decision was made to immediately begin executing an investigation.

Preliminary investigations indicated that the prosecutor was not in Israel and we anticipated that she had returned home to the United States. Private investigators from our agency turned to the offices of the defendant where they conducted comprehensive investigations along with the office employees in order to collect as much information as possible about the prosecutor.

Private investigators from our agency were met with complete cooperation on the part of the office employees, and open investigations were conducted.  It was made clear to all those questioned that any piece of information was extremely valuable.

A clear picture of the occurrence quickly became apparent to the investigators from our agency. After two days of investigations, a great deal of information was collected by three private investigators operated in the office of the defendant. At the end of the second day of investigations, a discussion was held in our office in order to finalize an action plan for the rest of the investigation.

From the data collected by the private investigators, it arose that the prosecutor was the good friend of one of the defendant’s business partners. The defendant and his friend (Itsik) were partners in a business venture that was operating for over a year and half until it ran into difficulties and the two partners decided to separate. Itsik was the active director of the partnership and the defendant was a silent partner who brought his (long-lasting) good name to the partnership and wealth.

Private investigators from our agency held detailed evidence describing the development of the partnership and relationship between the two partners.  After the closure of the joint company, the defendant continued to receive angry letters from clients with various claims against Itsik.

The defendant received these letters because some of the clients knew him and considered him responsible for Itsik’s actions during the time that he was directing the partnership. Some of the clients demanded a refund and monetary compensation.

Itsik disappeared. Private investigators from our agency located a number of financial suits filed against Itsik, but he never received any statements of the claims because no one knew where he was.  At the same time, the defendant filed a libel suit against the prosecutor and against Itsik.

A team of private investigators from our agency went to the United States in order to collect information regarding the prosecutor. Two highly experienced private investigators were selected for this trip, a man and a woman.  At the same time, private investigators from our agency tried to find the whereabouts of Itsik.

A private detective specializing in field investigations (who formerly worked for the defense services) conducted undercover investigations at several addresses and also interrogated members of Itsik’s family while undercover.

It quickly became clear that Itsik’s family members had already met private investigators looking for him over the course of the past few weeks. His family refused to disclose any information to the investigator and claimed that they didn’t know anything about where Itsik was and hadn’t seen him in a long time.

Private investigators who conducted thorough investigations regarding his old residential addresses came up with very little information. It is important to note that private investigators operating in the field worked completely undercover. Our investigators sent to the United States returned after two weeks. They clarified that the prosecutor was divorced and that her children were living with her ex-husband in the United States.

She herself lives in a nice apartment in a distinguished neighborhood in the Los Angeles area. She had no special “past” that would indicate her character, and no “skeletons” were found in her closet. On the other hand, a great deal of information was collected regarding the romantic relationship she shared with Itsik during the years that he lived in the United States.

We discovered that the two maintained a close relationship and that the prosecutor visited him in Israel on several occasions. Furthermore, we found out that while visiting Itsik in Israel the two traveled all over the country, she met several of his friends and family members, and the two even vacationed together in Sinai.

Close friends of the prosecutor who were interrogated undercover revealed that a while ago the prosecutor had even invested money in a new business that Itsik started in Israel. Our private investigators tried to gather more information regarding this topic, but none of her friends knew more details.

In order to collect more information, we cooperated with a well known American investigation agency that we have a close relationship with. Their agency employs quality private investigators who have helped us in the past. We asked the American private investigators to try to collect as much information about the prosecutor as possible.

We already knew that the prosecutor had met the defendant while visiting Itsik at his place of work (the partnership) during one of her visits. Itsik introduced her to the defendant as his very best friend. The three of them went out to dinner together on one occasion and became friendly. The second time the prosecutor and defendant met, during another visit to Israel, the event mentioned in the law suit allegedly took place.

The prosecutor claimed that the defendant negligently harmed her while under the influence of drugs.  The law suit was filed months after the night when the alleged injury occurred, however. When the law suit was filed, the partnership between Itsik and the defendant had terminated as a result of a dispute.

After the incident described in the law suit, the prosecutor did not complain whatsoever and even bought the defendant a gift, to which she attached a thank you not thanking him for the good service…

The law suit arose only after the partnership between the two men was terminated. We suspected that the law suit was intended as an attempt at revenge, but knew that we didn’t have sufficient evidence to prove that. We knew that if there was any truth to this suspicion, only two people would know the truth behind the motive to file this law suit. Itsik and the prosecutor.

We continued our attempts to locate Itsik and at the same time collected a great deal of information about him.  There was no choice, but a thorough investigation executed by professional private investigators provides relevant information even when the investigation is indirect or the object of the investigation itself is not directly interrogated. 

We knew that one of Itsik’s brothers had become newly religious a few years ago, and that he had moved to live in an isolated and distant settlement. Private investigators from our agency tried to interrogate him undercover on different occasions, but he refused to cooperate and was very suspicious.

It became clear after investigations we conducted that the brother was injured in a work accident and filed a claim at one of the insurance companies, and so he was suspicious of any stranger. Private investigators sent by the insurance company had already “visited” him and conducted comprehensive investigations.

Yanir Levin Intelligence Advising - A Private Investigation Agency is faced with a real challenge,” the lawyers said as they received constant reports regarding the various developments and information collected.

Private investigators from our agency went to the distant settlement where Itsik’s brother (Gilad) lives. This was a small settlement where everybody knew each other.  Private investigators know that strangers in a settlement such as this will always stand out.  Especially strangers who ask questions…

What is the best way to make a connection with the local residents?  Empathy!

A team of private investigators (again, a man and a woman) arrived at the settlement. At the entrance to the settlement they stopped at a convenience store. The female investigator from our agency was not feeling well.  We told the owners of the convenience store that she was in the first months of pregnancy and a little tense.

The owner immediately offered the investigators to sit with him and have a drink (there is very little traffic in the settlement…). The investigators told him that they had recently married and decided to “escape” the city to find a distant, quiet place to live - and that was how they arrived at the settlement.

The conversation with the convenience store owner developed and he spoke very highly of the settlement and its residents. We wanted to cause him to speak more so that we could get more information about Gilad.

All of a sudden, the settlement’s security vehicle stopped in front of the convenience store and a large man walked out of the car. The store owner introduced the investigators to the settlement secretary.  We told him as well that we were “running” from the city in search of a home in a quiet settlement with a high quality of life.

Over the course of the conversation the secretary of the settlement mentioned that a few young people had recently come to the settlement to build a home. He continued to mention that the brother of one of the residents had arrived at the settlement and was building a home here after having left Tel Aviv. “He’s sick of the mess in the city,” he said… “He’s building a house by himself with some workers that he brought…go talk to him…his name is Itsik - great guy”…

Our investigators couldn’t believe what they were hearing.  Despite their surprise, they continued the conversation in order to find out as much as possible.

An important rule in the world of private investigators - let the interrogated person speak as much as possible, don’t interrupt him.

An hour later and after our female investigator had “recovered” a bit, the secretary of the settlement led us in his car to the house being built by Itsik. Our investigators met Itsik while he took a break from building his home (together with two workers).

Itsik apologized because he had to return to work, and said that he would be happy to speak with us another time. We were very happy and scheduled an appointment to meet with him the next day, in the evening, in order to hear more about moving to live in the settlement.

That night a meeting was held between the private investigators who operated in the settlement and the directors of the Yanir Levin Private Investigation Agency in order to finalize a plan of action for the continuation of the investigations for this challenging case. The ball was in our court. 

The next day the private investigators met with Itsik at the settlement, spoke with him, and established a good connection with him. The fact that we had been introduced to him by the secretary of the settlement removed his suspicions, and he spoke with us freely and told us much about him.

We got him to talk and told him a lot about ourselves. The female investigator from our agency told Itsik that she worked in a line of work very similar to the line of work of Itsik and the defendant’s partnership.  Just because.

We invited Itsik to meet with us in a restaurant in Tel Aviv for a friendly dinner and found a lot of common subjects of interest to talk about…  We met Itsik like this several times. Our private investigators learned a lot of information from him and among other things, he told us about his good friend in the United States and how much she had helped him in the past few years…  “She does whatever I ask her to,” he bragged to us more than once.

Every meeting with Itsik was taped and recorded by a concealed camera. During one of our meetings with him, we suggested establishing a joint business venture at the settlement.  We told him that after moving to the settlement, we wanted to establish a business in order to support ourselves and attract tourism.

Together with Itsik we brainstormed that this could be an excellent way to attract foreign tourism as well. A successful business would provide jobs to the settlement residents and attract visitors to the area.  Brilliant idea!!

We asked Itsik if he had a way to bring in overseas tourists as clients for the new business…to bring in foreign currency. Maybe, we thought out loud, we could get some kind of grant to help us actualize the plans.  Itsik suggested contacting his American friend. “She will help us, maybe with her own money and maybe with some good ideas and her connection with the Jewish community in the United States…,” he said.

Over the course of the meeting he took out his cellular phone and called the United States.  He spoke with his friend (the prosecutor) and told her about the charming people he had met and their idea to open a joint business.

At the end of his conversation with her, Itsik told us that his friend wanted to come to Israel to meet us and help us in any way she could. Before the end of the meeting, the investigators told Itsik that they had recently moved into a rental apartment until they found a permanent place to live. Itsik said that his friend would arrive in Israel in two days and that they would meet then. We suggested a meeting at our apartment in Tel Aviv. We asked Itsik to get in touch with us by phone when his friend arrived so we could meet then.

The Yanir Levin Private Investigation Agency rented a furnished apartment with a view of the Tel Aviv beaches.  Concealed cameras and audio bugging devices were installed in the apartment in order to document the meetings held there. Two days later, in the evening, we received a call from Itsik. “Jane arrived from the United States, when can we meet?”

The investigators from our agency invited the two over for Friday night dinner in the rental apartment.  The date of the meeting arrived.  Itsik arrived with Jane a few minutes late. 

Our investigations talked with Itsik and Jane for several hours. A very good atmosphere was created and over the course of the conversation we got to talking about Itsik’s partnership with the defendant. Itsik spoke a great deal, and told us how much he hated the defendant for causing him to lose such a great deal of money.

Jane confirmed what Itsik said, and our investigators gathered that she knew every detail of the story. At a certain point Itsik suggested smoking a joint together. Our investigators politely refused, mainly because of our female investigator’s pregnancy… Itsik and Jane smoked a joint together and the conversation continued.

Jane heard the details about our joint business venture idea and said that she would help us in any way possible - with funding and by advertising the business in the area where she lives in the United States. Our investigators said that they would approach a few foundations and institutions during the week in order to try and get grants or financial assistance. We scheduled an appointment to meet during the week and talk about any developments. Itsik and Jane left the apartment during the night hours.

We begun to track them with surveillance from the moment they left the apartment. We used three teams in order to track Itsik and Jane over the course of the night on their way back to the relatively isolated settlement.  Since we knew, more or less, what the travel path would be we used a more sophisticated method of surveillances.

We followed the two continuously for four days and documented them using drugs on several occasions.  On Tuesday we called Itsik and told him that we had found an organization that provides loans and funding for the purpose of starting businesses in settlements.

We told him that in order for the organization to conduct a background check on potential grant receivers, they required us to fill out a form with personal information. Investigators from our agency said that they had already filled out the form and now needed to transfer it to Itsik for him to complete it. An additional appointment was scheduled at the rental apartment.

Itsik and Jane arrived on the scheduled date. We were happy to meet with them and presented Itsik with the loan request form (that we had written in our office).  We explained to Itsik that the organization would check that he had no outstanding debts or law suits against him that could create future debt.

“No one will give us money if they know that we have debt…You know how many stingers there are like this in Israel… the Israelis…”  Itsik smiled and told us that he had some law suits against him, but for negligible issues.  “A few small debts” from the partnership that ended… nothing serious.

After the subject came up, our investigators asked what the law suits were about. Itsik told them and expanded on the issue. Our private investigators got him talking and he began talking about the defendant again. Itsik blamed him for all his problems and told us that all the laws suits brought against him were the fault of his former partner.

At a certain point Itsik told us how his former partner thwarted him out of jealousy and caused the ending of the partnership. There was much anger in his words. Itsik called the defendant by various derogatory names and promised to one day take his revenge. Our investigators continued with this line of questioning and expressed great empathy - “we would take revenge too, the question is how to do it without getting caught…” we asked Itsik.

Itsik told us that he had already thought of everything and that “there are things I can’t tell, plans that only I know about for now…,” he said.  It is important to note that most of the conversations between Itsik, Jane, and the investigators were conducted in English since Jane does not speak Hebrew. At one point Jane said that “I’m also in a legal procedure with the former business partner…,” Itsik and Jane exchanged glances. Our investigators played dumb. “Oh… you were also in the partnership with them?  You have debts too?...Why the legal proceedings?”

Itsik told Jane that they should tell us “a little,” otherwise it would look like they were hiding something and we were about to start a business together…  Jane agreed with him and Itsik told us that “Jane filed a law suit against my former partner. She sued him after he hurt her…”  The investigators continued to play dumb - “but the conflict was between you and the partner, what does Jane have to do with it?”  And Itsik answered, “it all started with a dispute between him and me.

After I told Jane everything that happened with him, she came to Israel and decided to help me… she filed a law suit against him for hurting her and also claimed that he was under the influence of drugs at the time.”

Our investigators pretended to be surprised and then said, “Wait a minute, what’s the connection between your dispute with the partner and Jane’s law suit?” And Itsik answered, “If there was no dispute, there would be no law suit!!”  We turned to Jane, who was listening to the conversation, and asked, “What do you have to say about this?”

Jane answered, “Itsik is right, if there was no financial dispute between them I wouldn’t have filed the law suit!”  “So it’s all because of the money, because of the dispute and the breaking up of the partnership,” the investigators asked. “This is a kind of sweet revenge,” they added with a sympathetic smile. Itsik verbally affirmed this and said that he preferred not to discuss the matter further because “it bums me out to talk about that maniac.”

Good private investigators know when they’re on to something, and when to utilize the investigation to the fullest and “strike the iron while it’s hot.”

“And what about the drugs, is it true that your partner used drugs?” the investigators asked. Itsik said, “What does it matter, it’s our word against his.  I’ll testify to it in court.”

That night a meeting was held in our investigation agency office, including the two private investigators working on the case, the director of the private investigation department, and two lawyers who were handling the law suit.  We watched selected parts of the video tape filmed with the concealed cameras.

The lawyers said that we had highly valuable evidence materials. Itsik and Jane were recorded confessing their acts a few times - that Jane’s law suit was filed for revenge purposes as a result of Itsik’s business dispute with his former partner. At this point the lawyers asked that we freeze the investigation proceedings until they could meet with Jane’s lawyers. 

We called Itsik and informed him that we were going on a trip overseas and that we would be in touch with him immediately when we returned in order to progress with our plans. We wanted to leave our cover stories on the back burner so that we could resume investigations if necessary.

A week later the phone rang at Yanir Levin Intelligence Advising - A Private Investigation Agency. The lawyer who ordered the investigation was on the other line: “We may have succeeded big time!  It looks like Jane is dropping the law suit!”

The lawyer told us that he had clarified to Jane’s representative that he possessed information that could collapse the house of cards Jane built in her fictitious claim.  In his words, he explained this by exposing information that only Jane and Itsik knew so that Jane’s representative would understand that there was truth in his words.

After the meeting between the lawyers, Jane’s representative spoke with Itsik and Jane. At a later point the representative informed the lawyers that “Jane will only give up the law suit if she doesn’t have to pay for expenses.”

A week later a document was signed in the presence of lawyers stating that Jane was waiving her law suit.

Yanir Levin Intelligence Advising - A Private Investigation Agency received a letter of thanks and appreciated from the lawyer for the efficient and successful actions of its private investigators. This investigation joins a long list of additional private investigations that we have conducted with great success over the years.

Yanir Levin Intelligence Advising - A Private Investigation Agency ensures you investigations and information services on a different level!