An explanation of the character of a private investigation agency. How can the average citizen differentiate between various private investigation agencies? How can he tell which private investigation agency is suitable to execute an investigation in a pa
Investigation Agency
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Investigation Agency


At every private investigation agency in Israel or worldwide, investigators could amaze you with fascinating stories and plots regarding interesting investigative cases. Private investigation agencies could be an intriguing subject for a documentary film or for an action movie with sequels.

Investigation agencies store several of our resumes in their archives. In every agency I have worked in over the years, I’ve met fascinating characters. People who have turned the term investigation into a substantial and meaningful factor in their lives.

Private investigation agencies are not a standard place of work. In fact, in each of the agencies I have worked at in the past I have come across intriguing situations. Sometimes these situations can be severe and carry a great deal of weight with regards to carrying on a normal lifestyle, and at other times these situations can cause you to smile. Private investigation agencies incorporate personal, fascinating, and heart warming stories alongside large investigative cases such as attempts at fraud, theft, lies, and infidelity.

Investigators that work in the field for several years develop a special sense. In any private investigation agency you can hear stories about certain cases in which investigators used the unique “sense” that they developed.  I’ve always enjoyed hearing these stories at any agency that I worked at in the past. You can find special characters at each of these agencies. It is for this reason that I recommend you speak with a few different private investigators (and not only with a single agency) before making an operative decision.

How should you choose the agency suitable for executing an investigation in a certain field? I recommend conducting a thorough search, looking at advertisements, or seeking the advice of a friend or lawyer you may know. You can call any of the agencies and set up an appointment - every agency will be happy to meet with you and provide discrete, professional consultation without any commitment on your part.

Several people prefer to remain anonymous, and so they contact investigation agencies via the phone, use a fabricated name, or ask for consultation on behalf of a “friend.”

Private investigations are a serious affair, and so I would also recommend personally meeting one of the agency directors before making a decision. You could ask about the director’s experience in a certain field of investigation (or general investigation experience) and hear about examples and explanations. Investigation agencies will protect the discretion of each of their clients. Usually, investigation files remain confidential in order to ensure this discretion.

Investigation agencies can be found easily by doing a simple search on the internet, looking in phone books, or consulting a lawyer or friend. In order to find out which of the agencies you should select in order to conduct a certain type of private investigation you should, as mentioned before, conduct a comprehensive survey of the market and not be shy to ask questions.

For example, most of our new clients come to us after hearing a recommendation from a previous client or acquaintance. You can find a great deal of interesting information about the fields of operation of investigation offices on the internet (in Hebrew and in other languages).

Often times, even when it isn’t obvious as a first possibility, receiving consultation from a professional private investigation agency can open doors or assist in finding creative solutions. I can say with certainty that consulting a seasoned and experienced private investigator can open you up to new ways of thinking that may be helpful in resolving complex problems.

You can contact us in a discrete manner and make an appointment at our agency - any time, any day. You can also raise questions and receive consultation from the team of the Yanir Levin Investigation Agency in the private Investigation Forum.

Yanir Levin Intelligence Advising - A Private Investigation Agency ensures you investigations and information services on a different level!