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Private Investigator

A private investigator that is licensed through the Legal Department is authorized to investigate through the framework of an investigation agency and collect both information and evidence. A professional private investigator guarantees the quality of information received through a private investigation in any field.

Hundreds of private investigators with both proper training and a legal license operate in the state of Israel.  These investigators specialize in different types of investigations. Usually, every private investigator is permitted to work in the framework of one private investigation agency or another. All the investigators hired by our agency work exclusively for us, and with complete loyalty.

A private investigator operating in the framework of the Yanir Levin Investigation Agency will have years of experience and will have handled a wide range of investigative cases.

Professional Consultation and Assistance from Experienced Investigators – 24 Hours a Day!

The investigation agency guides the private investigator acting on its behalf, and supervises all of the investigator’s actions. Private investigators operating on behalf of our agency know how to use several sophisticated methods of investigation in order to receive the best results. An experienced private investigator will know how to act and investigate with great discretion (and at times completely undercover) without exposing his identity, according to the demands of the investigative case he or she is handling. 

Experienced investigators will find creative solutions to any problem. When you are uncertain about how to deal with a particular issue that is causing you difficulty and unrest - turn to us. The opinion of an experienced investigator may open you up to new modes of thought.  Accept the premise that investigators deal with versified and unique cases which leave their mark and open doors to finding uncommon solutions.

The employment of a professional, reliable, and experienced private investigator is the guarantee for solving complex problems!

The Yanir Levin Investigation Agency employs quality private investigators that work on fascinating investigative cases. Every investigator in our employment has conducted hundreds of investigations in versified fields. We make sure that every private investigator we hire is able to meet the strict standards that we maintain in order to preserve a uniform, high quality level of investigation.

We also hire interns that operate in the framework of the agency and are closely supervised by senior private investigators. Every intern in our agency receives close guidance, in order to train the intern in the most optimal manner so that he or she may become a first rate investigator.

A senior private investigator - one of the directors of the Yanir Levin Investigation Agency - will be happy to answer any questions you may have and consult you on any relevant issue. You may refer questions to us through the Investigation Forum on this website. You can also refer to us personally and discretely in order to get a quick, professional response.

Yanir Levin Intelligence Advising - A Private Investigation Agency ensures you investigations and information services on a different level!

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