Uri Shitrit is a private investigator and director of the investigative division of our agency. Profile and resume of the man responsible for writing the articles on this website.
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Uri Shitrit – Professional Experience


Uri Shitrit is a licensed private investigator and the Director of Investigations at our agency. Shitrit has previously served in a wide range of roles in both governmental and private entities such as:

  • Investigation Team Director at the National Unit for Fraud Investigations
  • Founder and Director of the investigation department at the Authority for Business Limitations
  • An investigative journalist for the Haaretz newspaper
  • Founder and Director of a system for business information at the Barak 013 communications company
  • Partner and Director at the Info Piles information consulting company
Uri Shitrit specializes in several fields of investigations, such as collecting business information, computer investigations, investigations of fraud, criminal investigations, sting operations, information management, locating forgers, consultation for security issues, and more.

You are invited to read articles that Shitrit has written in the past few years:

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Private Investigations to Locate Metal Theft

The Irongate Affair

There are several more interesting articles by Shitrit that have been published in the press and on this website.  Uri Shitrit often guest lectures at various seminars focusing on business information services and investigations in Israel and worldwide. Uri is the guiding spirit behind this website and one of the initiators of its setup in 2005.

You can communicate with Uri Shitrit and respond to his articles via the Investigation Forum that he manages.