Telephone harassment? Threats? Intrusive phone calls in the middle of the night from an unlisted or unrecognized number? Has telephone harassment become a routine occurrence? A private investigator from Yanir Levin Intelligence Advising will put an end to
telephone harassment
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Telephone Harassment – Tracking an Unlisted Number


Telephone harassment happens everyday, and everyone is familiar with the subject at hand. Telephone harassment can take place from any unlisted telephone. The harasser calls a cellular phone or land line, his number is blocked, he doesn’t identify himself, and he makes threats.

In other cases, the telephone rings late at night and on the other side of the line you either hear whispering or a deafening silence. If you are troubled by constant hang-ups or threats, you’ve come to the right place!

Every day we deal with questions from people dealing with telephone harassment - threats received from an unidentified person calling from a telephone number you are not familiar with (an unlisted number). You can always ask the phone company to change either your home or cell phone number. This is inconvenient and not recommended, however. You and everyone you know are all accustomed to our phone numbers.

How can you deal with telephone harassment? Threats? Calls during unusual hours or
multiple hang-ups?

 We offer a solution that can help you expose the harasser and end the harassment!

Yanir Levin Intelligence Advising - A Private Investigation Agency suggests documenting every phone call received by any phone and at any time. At the same time, our service can reveal every phone number that calls you.  We can identify all types of unlisted or blocked phone numbers from any kind of phone - cellular, Bezeq, or Hot. 

A computerized system records and saves all the calls received from the time the service is ordered. Only you will know of this, of course, and whoever is calling and harassing you will know nothing. The system will immediately identify and expose the phone number that called you, whether it is from a land line (Bezeq or Hot) or from a cellular phone.

This service can be activated very quickly (within a few minutes), and will run until the harasser is exposed. There is no longer any need to change phone numbers, disconnect phone lines, connect to an operator and/or use any irritating procedures. We will expose the phone number of the harasser for you and return your peace of mind!

After revealing the phone number, we will conduct private investigations in order to find out whose phone line it is and the person’s personal information, address, etc. If you want, we can approach the person and interrogate him, asking to hear his version of the circumstances that led to his actions.

Remember, the testimony of the harasser may be useful in the future. In the future, you can receive tapings of the calls that took place (perhaps in addition to the harasser’s version of what took place) and file a complaint at the nearest police station against the telephone harasser!

It is important to realize that you can approach the police station at any time, even before you have exposed details about the harasser. The police will register your complaint, however the chances that they will try to locate an anonymous harasser are low.

In the event of  telephone harassment by someone whose details you do know, you should approach the nearest police station and register a complaint. Even in cases in which you know the harasser, you should record the harassing phone calls. These recordings can be submitted as evidence in any court.

If you don’t know how to record or need assistance, don’t hesitate to approach us. A private investigator from the Yanir Levin Private Investigation Agency will be happy to assist and guide you. You should make copies of these recordings. Hand the first copy of the taped phone calls to the police. Keep the second copy yourself.

When you arrive at the police station with evidence (the tapes) proving the existence of the harassment and the phone number of the harasser, the police will register your complaint and handle it with surprising speed!  This is the way to end the activity of the serial harasser, who will subsequently be punished (telephone harassment is a criminal offense).

Yanir Levin Intelligence Advising - A Private Investigation Agency ends all telephone harassment. No more anonymous phone calls in the middle of the night, no more threatening phone calls, no more harassment!  Approach us today in order to receive a price quote and activate a recording service and / or harassment locater service.

Yanir Levin Intelligence Advising - A Private Investigation Agency ensures you investigations and information services on a different level!