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Hidden Camera – Technical Equipment

Hidden camera… installation of a concealed audio recording system… audio bugging… recording equipment and special cameras… cameras concealed inside a clock… concealed cameras inside a plant or photograph…wireless concealed camera inside a cellular phone device…

Sound to you like something out of a movie or TV show?

Want to know what’s going on at your business, even when you’re on a trip on the other side of the world?  A sophisticated and professional photographic system may solve your problem. Want to know what the nanny is doing while she’s at home watching the kids? A hidden wireless camera can broadcast live, and to any destination.

An “outbreak of theft” has lately visited your company. Every day something else is stolen. It begins with office equipment. Then it progresses to handheld computers, software, cellular phones, a ring with great sentimental value that the new employee received as an inheritance from her grandmother. The kitchen items aren’t safe, either.

Coffee, tea, cups and silverware are disappearing in commercial quantities. The damages are adding up and beginning to become unbearable. The atmosphere at the company is grim. Feelings of freedom and mutual trust have been damaged.  Every employee is cautious of the others.

It’s time to put an end to it!  So what do you do?

Approach us. Our private investigators, who have conducted many similar investigations in the past, will set an appointment with you, the client, wherever you like. A detective from our agency will collect all the accumulated complaints, study them, and analyze their significance. A team of private investigators from Yanir Levin Intelligence Advising - A Private Investigation Agency will map out the potential suspects and prepare a plan of action for you to deal with the occurrence and thwart it immediately.

Based on our experience conducting this type of private investigations, direct and open investigations of the potential suspects will not produce the required result. Any direct contact with the suspect or the suspect’s summoning to a private investigation will reveal that he or she is being “watched”.  The suspect will, of course, deny any connection with the actions attributed to him or her and will refrain from acting again.

Our recommendation, in this situation, is to install hidden cameras that will photograph the office area.  A concealed camera system records continuously for a prolonged period of time! You can watch the broadcast live from any destination in the world! Operating such a system is simple and easy!

Experts from our agency will survey your office space in detail and check, among other things, what hidden cameras are suitable. Later on, with your permission, we will install concealed camera and technical equipment in your office space. It is important to understand that after the installation of a concealed camera, there is no way to detect the equipment. Every concealed camera system is suited to the specific field conditions and connected (unless the system is wireless) to a sophisticated computer system.

The video footage will be documented on the computer system, and can serve as acceptable evidence in any court proceeding. If and when the video footage produces evidence to substantiate the suspicious behavior, we will conduct follow-up investigations and collect testimony in order to complete the investigative case (every step in the investigation will be documented by the concealed camera).

As mentioned, most camera systems are capable of broadcasting images and sound to any destination in the world, via the internet. Any photographic system can combine revealed and/or concealed cameras, color or black and white, according to the demands of the client and the field conditions.

After installation of the concealed camera system, the client will receive full explanation and guidance regarding the activation of the system and its operation from a remote destination. We fully guarantee any technical equipment or concealed camera system installed at the site of the client.

It is important to take into account that concealed cameras can be installed in offices/stores/warehouses/homes that suit the exact needs and requirements of the client. A combination of revealed/concealed cameras can be made in order to be able to photograph in any weather or lighting conditions. The security market currently offers sophisticated technical equipment, and a camera can be concealed in any accessory that you may think of.

If ever a suspicion arises that you are being audio bugged, you can approach us in order to conduct an examination to reveal the bugging of a telephone, operator, fax machine, and/or room. Yanir Levin Intelligence Advising - A Private Investigation Agency operates a Spy Shop that offers technical audio recording equipment, audio bugging prevention equipment, concealed cameras, and more. The agency team will be happy to assist you at any time.

We invite you to raise questions regarding concealed cameras or audio bugging on our website’s Investigation Forum. Our agency team will be happy to answer your questions and consult you regarding the suitability of concealed cameras, renting photographic systems, or audio recording, as well as any other technical matter.

Yanir Levin Intelligence Advising - A Private Investigation Agency ensures you investigations and information services on a different level!

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