Is a private investigator listening in on a conversation in a public place (such as a cafe, street, bus, etc.) considered to be performing audio bugging? The definitive answer is no!
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Audio Bugging


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What actually qualifies as audio bugging?

Is a private investigator listening in on a conversation in a public place (such as a café, street, bus, etc.) considered audio bugging? The definitive answer is no!

In the aforementioned cases, conversations can be listened to and recorded without the explicit consent of the people conversing.

The law states that any recording of a conversation between two parties or more without the explicit permission of one of those parties is a violation of the law forbidding audio bugging.

Often times investigation agencies are approached with the question, can you conduct audio bugging?  The answer is identical every time. This is a harsh criminal violation of the law forbidding audio bugging.

Therefore if a licensed and authorized private investigator records conversations without the consent of the conversing parties, the investigator is violating the law. There are rare cases in which a warrant received from the President of the District Court House or his Deputy can deem the use of audio bugging as legal. 

In light of the prohibition on audio bugging, the Israeli Police is entitled to grant warrants that permit the use of concealed bugging.  In order for a court to permit the police to use audio bugging, the police must prove the existence of a few prerequisite conditions:

  • A harsh criminal offense is at hand.
  • The use of audio bugging is crucial, and there is no other method of investigation that can lead to the committers of the crime.
  • An explanation is required as to whether it is necessary to record all the incoming and outgoing calls on a particular phone.
  • The period of audio bugging must be limited.

     A Court House will not rush to approve the use of audio bugging, unless it meets all the aforementioned requirements. If they do approve the audio bugging, they will limit the allotted time period for the bugging and/or the number of people being bugged.

    The audio bugging will be used only to listen to conversations that are extremely crucial in determining the identities and responsibilities of suspects regarding a crime.  In cases where the Israeli Police listens to and records a conversation not within the approved conversations for audio bugging and in retrospect important details related to the crime committed are discovered in that conversation, it will also be accepted as evidence if deemed appropriate by the Court House.

    It is important to emphasize that the law does not allow a private investigator and/or investigation agency to use audio bugging for any reason. Despite the temptation and desire to attain critical information, we warn you! The risk is not worth it! The Yanir Levin Investigation Agency will help you detect audio bugging in your home, vehicle, or office. The examination is performed by an experienced investigator, who uses advanced technical equipment intended to expose audio bugging devices.

    After the examination to reveal audio bugging devices, we will demonstrate for you how audio bugging preventative equipment works and how it can be installed on any phone line or in any room. This is technical equipment that is easily installed and its operation prevents the ability to install transmitters (audio and/or video) on a phone line or in an office.

    If you would like to conduct an examination to detect audio bugging devices in your home and/or office, you can approach us and receive a price quote for the professional examination. In addition, you may consult with private investigators on our website’s Investigation Forum.

    Yanir Levin Intelligence Advising - A Private Investigation Agency ensures you investigations and information services on a different level!