An experienced private investigator, formerly employed by the security forces, will conduct a risk survey for you in order to locate points of security weakness. After the completion of the survey, we will map out a list of solutions for you, and help you
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We will soon be posting a new article about security.

Our agency employs world renowned experts with years of experience in establishing sophisticated security systems in versified areas such as: protection from hacking into information systems, protection from break-ins and theft of property, protection of people, security cameras, and more.

 Over the past few months we revealed an attempted sting operation that was fashioned by an information protection expert who had crossed over to the other side. This was a well planned sting operation that successfully harmed a few innocent victims who were surfing on the web. The Yanir Levin Investigation Agency conducted an investigation that lasted two months. Over the course of the investigation we were assisted by the services of a world renowned security expert, computer professionals, and a skilled and professional team of investigators.

After the crook was exposed, a complaint was filed against him with the Israeli Police while simultaneously the client begun civil proceedings to file a law suit for compensation.

Soon - the full article regarding Internet Security