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Surveillances/ Technical Surveillance

Yanir Levin Intelligence Advising - A Private Investigation Agency specializes in conducting surveillances, which are an inseparable and key element of the investigations that we undertake. The need for surveillances usually arises in the follow cases: infidelity, fraud, collection of evidence or business information, and more.

We employ investigators who specialize in conducting complex surveillances, through use of sophisticated technical equipment and concealed photography.

Private investigators from our agency can assist you in determining whether it is necessary to conduct surveillance in order to collect the information that you require. It is important to understand and examine all the information in your possession before making the decision to conduct surveillances. Either way, it is important to remember that surveillances are conducted by experienced and professional private investigators with a great deal of field experience.

 Surveillance is one of many tools intended to assist the proceedings of a private investigation, and it helps provide quality evidence that can serve you in a personal, business, or legal capacity.

In simple cases where the investigation agency is met with the complete cooperation of those involved in the investigation, there is usually no need to conduct surveillances for the purpose of collecting evidence.  As such, in cases where this cooperation does not exist and those involved in the investigation are represented by attorneys and unidentified advisors, it is possible that the need for surveillance may arise.

Surveillance is not an investigative tool in and of itself. If you, the client, are advised by a private investigator to conduct surveillances without preliminary investigations and other means of information collection prior to the surveillance itself, respect the detective’s offer but remain suspicious regarding the detective’s reliability and professionalism.

Surveillances may appear simple at first glance, but they are better left to the professionals!

The Yanir Levin Private Investigation Agency conducts comprehensive surveillances and collects focused information regarding the subjects of the surveillance. Our investigators don’t just “sit around” and randomly watch the subject from morning till night. Using cover stories and advanced methods of investigation, we thoroughly study the life style and routine behavior of the subject before conducting the surveillance.

We analyze the information collected during the preliminary investigations, and build a behavioral profile of the subject. In accordance with this profile, we prepare a plan of action that will provide answers and optimal coverage while taking full advantage of the surveillance hours that were approved in order to avoid unnecessary expenses.

After a decision has been made to conduct surveillances, we take the following factors into account:

  • Geographic location and environmental conditions of the area in which the subject will be active.
  • Whether the subject leads a routine life style devoid of perversions and unusual surprises.
  • The means of transportation used by the subject (does he or she walk, use a motorcycle, a private vehicle, public transportation, the types of vehicles, and is a combination of all of these used in accordance with the subject’s needs). 
  • Whether the subject has previous experience with other private investigation agencies that already conducted surveillances.
  • We don’t conduct surveillances by using a single surveillant.  We don’t believe in this method.  It has no operational usefulness and may even be harmful.
  • Our team of surveillants was “educated” in the national law enforcement authorities.  We build special plans of action that combine look-outs, technical equipment, GPS, and appropriate vehicles that change positions according to the movement of the subject and the changing circumstances throughout the surveillance.
During surveillances we make regular use of technical equipment such as concealed cameras, digital video recorders, and other advanced, sophisticated technical equipment. At the completion of the surveillance, the client receives a written report with detailed documentation of each day’s activities, photographs, and quality video tapes that were filmed by experienced private investigators over the course of the surveillance.

Approach us today and consult with private investigators who have conducted hundreds of surveillances in different areas and regarding a range of topics. You are also invited to visit our Private Investigation Forum and participate in discussions regarding surveillances. The agency team promises to assist you in understanding when surveillance is necessary, and when it is possible to attain the desired results by using other methods.

Yanir Levin Intelligence Advising - A Private Investigation Agency ensures you investigations and information services on a different level!
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Surveillances – Main Reasons - Yanir Levin Intelligence Advising – A Private Investigation Agency conducts several surveillances every month. We provide investigative services to several entities and private clients, and among these services we conduct surveillances as well.
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