Yanir Levin Intelligence Advising – A Private Investigation Agency conducts several surveillances every month. We provide investigative services to several entities and private clients, and among these services we conduct surveillances as well.
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Surveillances – Main Reasons

Surveillance is a factor of great importance within a private investigation.  Surveillances serve as proof of what goes on it reality, with a great deal of evidentiary weight. Our great experience in conducting surveillances and private investigations has enabled us to point to the main reasons why companies or private clients approach investigation agencies and request surveillances.

Every one of our clients has a different need driving him or her to employ private investigators for the purpose of conducting surveillances. Here are a few examples of private investigations that require surveillances:

 Surveillances within Personal Investigations - Most of these clients are men or women who suspect that their partners are being unfaithful. Some of our clients are referred by lawyers, following consultation from the attorney that informed them of the need to conduct surveillances and collect evidence in order to substantiate their suspicions. Other clients come to us directly and tell us that they suspect their partner is being unfaithful. The clients ask us to conduct surveillances, and both photograph and document their partner’s actions. We assist in collecting evidence, conducting professional surveillances, and helping our clients seek appropriate legal consultation.

Surveillances within an Insurance Investigation - Yanir Levin Intelligence Advising - A Private Investigation Agency deals with verifying claims for some leading insurance companies. There is often a need to conduct surveillances in order to collect proof regarding the claimant’s level of functioning (who may be claiming some form of limitation). In many cases we find that the described claims of the claimant are far from accurate, to put it lightly. Surveillances and photography of the claimant are necessary in order to confront the claimants statements in a court of law.

Surveillances within a Profile Investigation - Our agency specializes in conducting profile investigations that collect information regarding a certain person or company, in order to form a complete and comprehensive picture of an entity’s life style and/or business functioning. In the framework of these investigations, we conduct long and focused surveillances at different times in order to collect information regarding the subject’s behavior. When investigating a large business company we select key figures, collect information about them, and conduct surveillances in order to deepen our knowledge about them.  Profile investigations require many hours of work and a significant scope of surveillances.

Surveillances within an Investigation to Test Reliability - We provide a range of services to a number of business clients, including examination of an employee’s reliability. One of the services we offer our clients is surveillance after sales representatives, marketing employees, etc. Within the framework of the surveillance, we document the steps taken by these employees. The video tapes and documentation collected during surveillance are then tested by the company directors, in order to confirm the activity reports submitted by these employees and prevent any leaking of sensitive information.

Surveillances within Financial Investigations or Locating of Addresses - Yanir Levin Intelligence Advising - A Private Investigation Agency conducts tens of financial investigations every month. During the course of these investigations we conduct focused surveillances in order to locate a person’s business activity or residential address. During financial investigations the need sometimes arises to conduct surveillances for the purpose of locating assets, places of work, or in order to delivery a legal subpoena to a person being sued. Sometimes we know where the person we are investigating works, and a relatively simple surveillance at the end of a workday can lead us to their residential address, which remains unknown.

To receive additional information regarding surveillances, you can raise questions through our website’s Investigation Forum. You can also approach us personally and discretely. Private investigators at our agency will be happy to provide consultation regarding investigations or surveillances for the purpose of collecting evidence (or for other business purposes).

Yanir Levin Intelligence Advising - A Private Investigation Agency ensures you investigations and information services on a different level!