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polygraph test in israel
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Polygraph – lie detector

The Yanir Levin Investigation Agency operates a professional institute and conducts polygraph tests by using a computerized and reliable polygraph machine. We employ professional examiners, and conduct polygraph tests either in our offices or in alternative locations. After the test is given, we supply the client with a detailed report of the test’s findings.

Our agency conducts polygraph tests regarding a wide variety issues for insurance companies, private clients, companies, and business professionals.

Important Things to Know Before Conducting a Lie Detector Test:

As is well known, the findings of a polygraph test can only be submitted as evidence in a trial if both parties have previously consented to this in written form. Without this mutual consent, the findings of the test can be used to support or refute the subject’s version of the story. There is no way to force a person to undergo a polygraph test. A lie detector test can only be conducted under the complete consent of the subject’s free will. A polygraph test is the most effective way to get to the truth of a matter, if necessary.

Under what circumstances is a lie detector test necessary?

  • An employee up for promotion to a responsible position within a company (greater access to funds and commercial secrets) may be asked to undergo a test in order to confirm his professional and personal history. The findings of the test can be used by his employers as an additional tool to assist them in making a decision regarding the employee’s promotion. 
  • Many companies give their employees occasional polygraph tests that are unrelated to specific events or suspicions.These random tests are intended to clarify the company’s atmosphere of discipline and precision to its employees.
  • When strange events occur within a company - such as theft of equipment, story leaks to the press, and suspicion of industrial spying - decision makers within the company may choose to conduct a focused test in order to locate the source of the problem.
  • When an insurance company is suspicious that a false or inflated claim has been filed (regarding the cause of damage, scope of damage, and its circumstances), usually after the execution of an investigation, the claimants or witnesses are asked to undergo a lie detector test. The findings of the test affect the decisions made regarding the claim.

We would like to emphasize to our clients that the selection of an appropriate polygraph institute bears great importance. There are plenty of charlatans in the market. Some polygraph examiners are known to “sell” certain results! Beware!

When approaching a polygraph institute, one should verify that the examiner holds both the appropriate license and proven experience in proctoring polygraph tests. Our agency employs licensed and experienced examiners, who have proven their professional ability through countless affairs investigated by our agency in the framework of complex private investigations that we conducted for private and institutional clients. 

A detailed report containing the findings of the polygraph test will be transferred to you within 24 hours of the test. These reports are appropriate for submission to any type of court. The opinion of the polygraph examiner is considered to be expert opinion in a court of law.  

We offer special and worthwhile rates to companies and organizations that wish to conduct polygraph tests on a regular basis. It should be noted that the tests can be conducted either in our Tel Aviv office, or anywhere you may choose through a sophisticated mobile device. Everything can be done according to the demands of the client. 

Yanir Levin Intelligence Advising - A Private Investigation Agency ensures you investigations and information services on a different level!

You can read an article regarding the most common reasons for conducting polygraph tests. You can also ask questions and seek consultation regarding any issue related to polygraph tests, acceptability in a court of law, the duration of the test, etc. on our website’s Investigation Forum.

For information about our prices or setting an appointment for a polygraph test,

call +972- 3- 5446363

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Polygraph Institute - Polygraph tests are conducted in cases where there is suspicion that one of the parties involved in a situation is not telling the truth. The test can be conducted in our Tel Aviv office, or in any location of your choice.
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