Polygraph tests are conducted in cases where there is suspicion that one of the parties involved in a situation is not telling the truth. The test can be conducted in our Tel Aviv office, or in any location of your choice.
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Polygraph Institute


Do you suspect one of your employees of embezzling company funds or handing information over to competitors?

Do you suspect that your husband is being unfaithful, even though he adamantly denies it?


An examination at the polygraph institute can expose the truth regarding any factual question

 We recommend that you resolve your doubts and discover the truth!

 Contact us now to set an appointment for a polygraph test

 A reliable and discrete polygraph institute in northern Tel Aviv

 Telephone number: 972-3-5446363

 A professional institute for lie detector tests - 24 hours a day!

 The opinion of a polygraph test examiner is accepted as expert opinion in any legal proceeding!


We offer interesting and relevant information regarding:

  • How a polygraph machine actually works
  • Under what conditions a polygraph test is advisable
  • How to detect a lie

    We operate under a Legal Office for Management of an Investigation Agency license, number:


    Yanir Levin Intelligence Advising - A Private Investigation Agency ensures you investigations and information services on a different level!