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Locating Residential Addresses

Locating an address? Searching for the address of a debtor who has disappeared without a trace? Locating the address of an international relative? Locating missing persons? Looking for a childhood friend? Need the addresses of commercial companies for the purpose of a focused mailing? Want to locate debtors that others have given up on finding?

Yanir Levin Intelligence Advising - A Private Investigation Agency will provide you with a professional response, locate any person anywhere, and deliver a legal subpoena if necessary!

The private detective completed his assignment. Within the framework of a private investigation that he directed, considerable efforts were made to build an appropriate cover story, select look-out points, and conduct surveillances day and night. After evidence was collected from each of the various investigative efforts, the expanded investigation team analyzed the evidence and reached the conclusion that it was sufficient to link the husband to the actions attributed to him by his wife - hiding communal assets that had been accumulated over their 20 years of marriage, right before their divorce.

The list of real estate and financial records that the husband was intentionally concealing from his wife (in order to prevent their division in a divorce settlement) was fully exposed by the private investigators who directed the case. The requested list was transferred over to the wife, who had ordered the investigation. During the course of the investigation it became clear to the investigators that the husband had left home and was living in a rented apartment in the lower Galilee with a young female roommate.

As necessitated by these circumstances, the wife hired a lawyer to represent her in the divorce proceedings. Based on the findings of our private investigations a law suit was filed against the husband. Filing the law suit is not sufficient in and of itself, however. The plaintiff must inform the defendant about the law suit, and deliver the statement of claim to the defendant by hand.

What do you do at this stage? How can you locate an accurate address?

Yanir Levin Intelligence Advising - A Private Investigation Agency specializes in locating addresses and delivering legal subpoenas and statements of claim. The statement of claim against the husband was handed to us, and our clients were confident and assured that the evasive husband would be located by investigators from our agency and presented with the documents. We locate people who are trying to hide everyday. Locating residential addresses can be a very difficult task.

The private investigation just described to you is an example representing all kinds of situations that warrant the operation of our location and delivery services. We don’t even need to mention the conscious evasion of installment payments or debts in the Israeli market. Small and medium sized businesses are the main victims of this phenomenon. The accumulation of unpaid debts puts the continued activity of certain businesses at great risk. Business owners caught in the trap of unpaid debts must find a way to locate their missing debtors.

Repeated visits to the residential address or business of the debtor teach the business owner that Itsik, the debtor, doesn’t live here anymore. A call to the 144 Bezeq Information Center confirms, sadly, that there is no phone number listed for Itsik, the debtor. His cellular phone has also been disconnected. What do you do? Do you give up on claiming the debt? You can you precisely locate the debtor? What is Itsik’s residential address? 

The Yanir Levin Investigation Agency advises you not to give up!  We know how to locate even the most seemingly lost causes!

 Don’t give up. Contact us today. We can perform location services and find the residential address of any debtor, wherever he or she may be. We will conduct a financial investigation regarding the debtor. We will prepare an organized investigative file, including all the evidence necessary to file a legal case. Later on, we will physically deliver the statement of claim into the debtor’s hands.

Yanir Levin Intelligence Advising - A Private Investigation Agency conducts hundreds of difficult locations every year.  No one disappears, and no one can sneak away! Our agency commits to finding the address of any person!  Either way, if we haven’t found the person then you don’t have to pay!

Yanir Levin Intelligence Advising - A Private Investigation Agency ensures you investigations and information services on a different level!

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