Location of a residential address? Locating a missing person? Locating the address of a childhood friend or friend from the army? Want to execute a legal delivery? Submit a statement of claim or message to a third party? The Yanir Levin Investigation Agen
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Price List – Address Location / Legal Delivery

Our agency supplies address location services and conducts legal deliveries throughout Israel, the Palestinian authorities, and overseas. It is important to emphasize that we don’t deliver legal documents without having previously located the residential address. We don’t verify addresses, but rather locate full addresses. 

The following is our agency’s price list for conducting address location services and legal deliveries throughout Israel. Keep in mind that the price list was determined by us and that we reserve the right to change it from time to time, without advance warning.

Price List – Legal Deliveries

85 NIS


Gush Dan Netanya until Ashdod (all-inclusive)

Delivery in Central Israel

99 NIS


Netanya until Haifa (all-inclusive)

Delivery in Northern Israel

189 NIS


Haifa until Metula

Delivery in the Galil       

99 NIS


Ashdod until Beer Sheva

Delivery in Southern Israel

189 NIS


Beer Sheva until the Arava Road (not all-inclusive)

Delivery in the Negev (special rate for Eilat)

219 NIS


Any Arab-Israeli settlement

Delivery in the Arab Sector

99 NIS


West Jerusalem and the Jewish neighborhoods surrounding greater Jerusalem. Bet Shemesh and Eastwards.   

Delivery in the Jerusalem Area

239 NIS

Includes East Jerusalem and all settlements beyond the 1967 borders

Delivery in the Yehuda Shomron Area and Jerusalem

449 NIS

The entire Gaza Strip area, including both Arab and Jewish settlements


Delivery in the Gaza Strip

  • Basic Address Location Service - 195 NIS
  • Difficult, Complex, Problematic Address Location Services - Solely with Prior Coordination with the Client and Consent  800-1200 NIS

Private investigators from our agency conduct address locations according to the laws of the state of Israel and with great discretion. It is important to understand that we make every effort to locate addresses with minimal costs and great speed. Unfortunately, we sometimes come across more difficult and complex address location cases that require a greater investment of resources and several hours of work. In these cases, we request the client’s permission for the aforementioned fee for professional services.

  • Our agency charges payment solely for successful address locations. That means if we didn’t find them, you don’t pay (except for cases involving difficult debtors).
  • All the prices do not include tax and change from time to time, in accordance with the decisions of the company and various considerations.
  • For additional information regarding address location services, legal deliveries or any related matter, please contact us via e-mail and we will respond to you as soon as possible.

    You can also contact us by phone 03-5446363 and receive additional information regarding address location services