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intellectual property investigations
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Intellectual Property Investigations – Copyright Issues – Forgeries

We employ private investigators who specialize in the field of intellectual property and conduct private investigations throughout Israel and around the world on a daily basis. During the course of conducting private investigations over the years, we have attained impressive results in the protection of copyright issues.

Our clients have come to understand that the professional investigative work performed by private detectives can be an extremely effective means of exposing forgeries and forgers. We know what it takes and how to defend intellectual property or copyrights!

Intellectual property consists of the rights applying to intangible assets of creative individuals such as: software developers, composers, writers, sculptors, painters, industrialists, etc. Since intellectual property encompasses all forms of intangible assets, the term applies to a large variety of fields.

Most of the world’s information, ideas, and discoveries do not belong to anybody. They are available for free use by anyone interested. On the other hand, assets that the law has deemed suitable for protection under copyright laws (or intellectual property laws) are the sole possession of either their owners or the people to whom the copyrights have been transferred, and are usually protected for a certain amount of time.

Intellectual property rights usually include the following rights:

  • Patents - Protection for technological and product inventions.
  • Copyrights - Protection of literary, dramatic, musical, and artistic works.
  • Logos - Protection of words, characters, signs or sounds.
  • Sampling - Protection of a product’s industrial design.

    Owners of intellectual property have the right to make exclusive use of their work. The property owner is entitled to legal protection from exploitation or copying of their invention or creation by others.This same person is entitled to full copyrights.

    The elemental respect for people and their freedoms brought about the importance of intellectual property rights and helped introduce their legal status. This legal status helps place greater importance upon intellectual property rights, and also places them at the same level as other legal rights granted by the legal system in a democratic state.

    The problem is that there are several private and institutional entities that are not interested in intellectual property rights, essential laws, and basic values. What do they care if a creator invested his most productive years, talent, and funds in the development of a product? Pirate operations choose to stomp upon the protected intellectual property rights in order to make quick and easy profits.
That’s why we are here to expose pirate operations, forgeries, and forgers, and help creators defend their copyrights.

An international company received our protection as a result of the execution of private investigations:

Products registered under a patent by an international company for heavy machinery were stolen (taken without consent of the patent owners) by a competitor in Israel, who used them to promote the sales of his own products. In order to confirm suspicions, a team of private investigators began collecting information and evidence by using concealed photographic equipment. After the collection and analysis of this information, a private investigator working undercover staged a purchase of packaged products that were supposedly original and produced by the international company.

An examination of the purchased products revealed, without a doubt, that the imposter was using products branded with a phony logo of the international company. The findings of our investigation were used to issue an injunction against the “patent thief.” The private investigator who directed the investigations for this case is an internationally renowned expert in the field of exposing forgeries, battling forgers, and protecting copyrights.

Do you suspect that someone is forging your product? Have you heard that illegal use is being made of a work or article that you wrote?  Are your copyrights being violated? Have you come across a network of forgers?

You can approach us at any time to discuss the protection of intellectual property or copyrights. You can also consult with experts on our website’s Investigation Forum. Through our forum, you can receive a professional response from a senior attorney who specializes in the field of intellectual property, copyrights and internet issues.

Yanir Levin Intelligence Advising - A Private Investigation Agency ensures you investigations and information services on a different level!

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