Several computer crimes occur every day on the internet. Seemingly innocent emails tempt surfers to log onto websites that are traps! Identity theft, computer crimes, copyright violations, and more. We conduct investigations for the purpose of protecting
Computer Crimes
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Computer Crimes


Every day we receive tons of spam emails in our inboxes - most (or all) of them are unwanted and bothersome, and some are even dangerous. Computer crimes are featured in various forums due to the severe damage they cause. Certain alluring messages may cause the theft of personal details such as: credit card numbers, private passwords, bank account details, and more.

These types of  frauds are a special kind of scam or sting operation. Their entire purpose is to steal your identity. The people behind these kinds of fraud attempts try to get you to hand over your personal details under false pretenses. Fraud attempts or scams of this kind are very common and occur daily over the internet or through the telephone. 

The “entrepreneurs” leading these attempts send out millions of emails every day to many different addresses, in order to “fish” for a few suckers. These are well designed and stylized messages, written in impressive language, that aim to draw your attention.  Quick perusal of one of these message’s contents leaves the impression that the message was sent from a familiar, reputable website!

Clicking on a link from the body of the message sometimes causes another window to pop up, which looks extremely similar to familiar websites (it may even use the exact names of famous websites and / or familiar logos). Private investigators from our agency who have handled fraud cases have often times come across sections that were cut from a reputable website and pasted onto the website referred to you by the executor of the sting operation.

Remember that the website you are referred to may look extremely credible and contain names, addresses, photographs, or other details that will cause you to trust them or “join” their club and answer a questionnaire…

Over the course of investigations that we have conducted, our investigators have come across URLs that were very similar to the URLs of real, reputable websites but left out a letter or added some kind of symbol. Crooks and swindlers on the internet are enhancing their work methods all the time. Just like crooks in real life.

It is important to understand and emphasize: if you have received a message by email or phone that aroused your suspicion, it is very probable that it is a scheme. It is safe to assume that any suspicious message is in fact of a questionable nature. Past experience in conducting private investigations in the field of computer fraud had brought us to a basic conclusion. Always trust your gut instinct, and don’t be tempted by alluring messages.

There are a few kinds of common email solicitations, such as:

“To confirm the details of your account with us – click here”

“If you don’t respond to this message within 24 hours, your account will be permanently blocked!”

“Dear (your name here),”

“Click on this link in order to open your account/prevent your account from being closed”

“In the last lottery drawing, you won $,$$$,$$$ and you must approach us by XX date in order to cash in your winnings”

And others…

It is important to remember that new fraud methods are developing every day. The methods of self defense are also developing, simultaneously.  Bear in mind that no method or system can give you complete security! Yanir Levin Intelligence Advising - A Private Investigation Agency employs experts in protection from and prevention of computer scams. We closely follow the development of this field and develop methods to conduct appropriate investigations in order to provide a fitting response to this phenomenon.

This website operates an Investigation Forum where you can receive professional consultation regarding computer crimes, fraud, identity theft, copyrights, and other relevant issues. You can approach our agency at any time to receive a quick and discrete response.

You can find more information regarding this issue in our article, Identity Theft – Computer Fraud.  

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