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financial investigations
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Financial Investigations

A financial investigation can locate the sources of income and assets of a debtor, either in Israel or abroad. The Yanir Levin Private Investigation Agency specializes in conducting financial investigations, and can assist you in locating funds stolen from you or missing property that you wish to retrieve.

We conduct financial investigations even in cases that seem hopeless, or after you have receiving interesting information regarding a debtor and often, we are able to produce impressive and surprising results.

Although investigation agencies are limited to using legal activity, field investigations conducted undercover still usually produce interesting results. The findings of a financial investigation can be used by the client as evidence in a trial. Our investigation agency conducts financial investigations for private companies, governmental entities, financial institutions, investigation agencies, attorneys, and private clients. 

Approximately six months ago, a client came to our agency and told us that a person owed him 200 thousand shekels. The debt was owed for three years already. The debtor told our client that he was sick and unable to work. An arrangement was made whereby the debtor was to pay off his debt in monthly installments of 150 shekels. It was then brought to the attention of our client that the debtor was a silent partner in two successful Tel Aviv restaurants.

A leading holding company in Turkey (that we had conducted private investigations for in the past) wanted to manage its successful real estate business. One of the company partners suggested contacting an Israeli company that specializes in locating international sources of credit. An agreement was made. The Turkish company, our client, paid approximately 350 thousand euros for the handling of all aspects related to setting a 10 million dollar line of credit. When it came time for the money to be transferred to the company’s bank account, it turned out that the Turkish company had fallen victim to a sophisticated “sting” operation on the part of the Israeli advisors. A private investigator who managed the investigation on our behalf discovered that the Israeli advisor had declared bankruptcy.

The creditors, both Israeli and Turkish alike, were only interested in one thing. How to collect the debt. The Israeli creditor could have summoned the debtor, conducted an investigation regarding the debtor’s financial capabilities, and demanded that the debtor present up-to-date documents regarding his financial capability. In order to do this, he would have to approach an investigation agency that could conduct a financial investigation to locate all additional assets in the debtor’s possession. The Turkish creditor, on the other hand, was interested in locating as many of the debtor’s assets as possible in order to begin a process of confiscation.

 What can we offer the two aforementioned creditors in this kind of situation, within the framework of financial investigations?

  • Survey and location of real estate in the possession of the debtors.
  • Location of vehicles either registered in their names or in their use.
  • Locating legal cases and bankruptcy.
  • Locating bank accounts.
  • Locating personal belongings.
  • Locating all sources of income (wages, allowances, retirement plans, pension funds, etc.).
  • Locating engineered equipment, boating and aviator machinery.
  • Locating insurance and retirement fund rights.
  • Professional “debtors” who are constantly pursued by creditors know how to protect themselves. They smuggle their assets overseas, or register assets in their relatives’, partners’, or friends’ names. A professional investigation agency can help bypass this kind of situation. The Yanir Levin Investigation Agency has the tools and the ability to build special cover stories that assist in linking debtors to owners of assets. 
  • Creditors are threatened by assets that have been smuggled overseas by debtors – our agency has a wide net of connections with investigations agencies worldwide that specialize in locating assets and conducting financial investigations. These connections have, in the past, assisted in making impressive revelations that have paved the way for our clients to get back their property.
  • We will collect evidence in a sophisticated investigative manner in order to cancel out the bankruptcy procedures determined by the Israeli Advisor. We will present evidence that is acceptable in a court of law, and reveal that the defendant knowingly withheld evidence regarding the several assets in his or her possession.

We commit to conducting real, quality, discrete, and trustworthy financial investigations that meet the needs of our clients. Financial investigations require advance planning and thought, and are not to be taken lightly. Appropriate preparations and undercover investigations, conducted by investigators specializing in financial investigations, are necessary. Not all private investigators are suitable for conducting a financial investigation.

We invite you to raise questions and consult with us regarding financial investigations through our website’s Investigation Forum.

Yanir Levin Intelligence Advising – A Private Investigation Agency ensures you investigations and information services on a different level!

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Financial Investigation - A financial investigation may assist you in locating the assets of an individual or a registered company, in Israel or worldwide. A thorough and legitimate financial investigation can help you in retrieving funds taken from you as a result of a verdict or breached contract.
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