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Personal Investigations – Divorce

Private investigations are not necessary in each divorce case. Many married couples mutually consent to ending their partnership and come to a fair agreement regarding division of communal property, alimony, and custody agreements for children - these couples don’t require the services of a private investigation agency or a private detective.

On the other hand, past experience in conducting personal investigations or investigations of infidelity have taught us that couples deciding to get a divorce are not always successful in reaching a compromise.  Sometimes there is no choice but to turn to a professional entity (such as a private investigator or lawyer) for assistance in dividing the assets.

Yanir Levin Investigation Agency can supply these couples with top investigators who can conduct private investigations, investigate infidelity, or build a divorce case. Over the course of private investigations or investigations of infidelity, evidence and/or photographs are collected that are acceptable in any rabbinical trial, legal trial, and/or any other compromise procedure selected by the couple in order to finalize the divorce settlement.

Dear clients

Before contacting us for consultations and price quotes for the execution of personal investigations or building a divorce case, please read the following categories that may illuminate you and focus your attention on certain investigative directions that might best serve your interests:

  • Over the course of a marriage a lot of property is acquired by a couple. The communal assets (either part or all of them) are not always registered in both of the individual’s names. The husband, for example, may start a company during his married life and register the stocks in his name only. The wife, in this case, would not have access to or awareness of the company’s full range of activity, or the character and size of the assets.

  • It is customary in certain cultural groups to register all the communal property in the husband’s name alone. In the communal moshavim that were established in the ‘50s, the farms that were leased by the Director of Israeli Lands were registered in the husband’s name only and accompanied by the title “head of the family.”

  • The value of retirement rights, retirement funds, director’s insurance, research grants, and stock options granted to one of the individuals in a couple over the course of their work should be divided equally amongst the couple without distinguishing between the person who acquired them through work and the person who made his or her contribution to the family unit without working outside the home. The principal of shared property determined by the courts is meant to benefit those women who chose to “raise the kids” and not work outside the home.

  • The courts distinguish between couples who were married before the “Law of Funding Relationships among Couples - 1973” and couples who were married after this law was instated in January 1974. Couples married before this law was established are subject to a law of equal distribution. According to this law anything acquired during the course of a marriage while the two individuals were still living under the same roof and shared a communal life is to be considered communal property, and the property is to be divided between the two parties equally regardless of whose name appears on the registration.

  • According to this same law of equal distribution, if a husband worked independently for several years and did not save any money whereas his wife worked for many years at a place of employment that ensured her a pension plan, the husband is entitled to half of her pension that was accumulated over the years that the two were married.

  • Couples married after the establishment of the aforementioned law are subject to a deferred balance of resources. The right to balance resources as stated by the law is only in place once the marriage is nullified, either through divorce or through the death of one of the individuals in the marriage. Only then are the individuals in the marriage entitled to an equal half of all the communal assets acquired during a marriage.
Our investigative team has often come across cases in which there is no desire to get a divorce, but a wish to check and confirm the existence of a “third party” in the relationship. In these cases there is a suspicion of betrayal among one of the individuals in the couple, usually based on informed intuition, and our team assists in either confirming or refuting the suspicions.

Private investigations, surveillances, concealed photography, undercover investigations, and other professional methods will supply you with answers and reveal infidelity or lack of faithfulness in a marriage.

Private investigators at our agency deal with personal investigations, investigations of infidelity, and collection of evidence for the purpose of building a divorce case every week. You can contact us personally with full discretion, or raise questions through the Investigation Forum on this website.  We will try to answer your questions regarding personal investigations and assist you as soon as possible.

Yanir Levin Intelligence Advising – A Private Investigation Agency ensures you investigations and information services on a different level!

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