The Yanir Levin Investigation Agency can assist you in selecting an appropriate caretaker for your baby. Your maternity leave has ended and you both want and need to go back to work. But you must leave your infant in the care of a complete stranger! We c
we care for our children
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Children are the Dearest to us of All


After your maternity leave you probably want to get back to work. Your baby is a few months old and he is the purest, dearest thing to you of all. This is the time to find an appropriate nanny that can take your place at home and devotedly care for your baby.

A nanny is, in actuality, a complete stranger that you have reached either through a friend’s recommendation or through an ad in the paper. This caretaker is supposed to take care of, feed, spend hours with, and nurture the every need of your baby with full dedication.

How will you be able to tell if your child is in good hands? How can you leave your baby at home and go to work with peace of mind?

 We offer you an effective and professional solution that will ensure you peace, serenity, and confidence, even when you’re not at home!
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Yanir Levin Intelligence Advising - A Private Investigation Agency will conduct professional character checks for you, in order to examine the past of every caretaker candidate you consider bringing into your home. We will conduct the appropriate investigations with discretion and complete secrecy in the following areas, among others:
  • Investigations for the purpose of confirming previous employers
  • Investigations in order to determine the existence of any type of legal prosecution
  • Investigations in order to assess if there have been any problems with law enforcement
  • Investigations in order to reveal any financial debt
  • Investigations and tests in order to expose any social and/or psychological problems
At the end of our examination period, you will receive a detailed report regarding the nanny we have tested and recommendations about whether to hire her in the future. The main purpose of the examination is to prevent the employment of someone who is unfit to care for children. Past experience in conducting such tests of character has shown that our success rate is greater than 95%!
The findings of the tests that we conduct will prevent you from hiring a nanny who is unworthy of your trust and unfit to take care of children. We will assist you in selecting a caretaker suitable for your exact needs, who will affectionately care for your baby.

Your child is the most important and valuable thing to you in the world, and Yanir Levin Intelligence Advising - A Private Investigation Agency promises to assist you in protecting your child

A quick, thorough, discrete, and reliable examination will grant you peace of mind and complete security with regards to your baby!

The cost of the examination is only 359 NIS a month, for the duration
of 6 months

Or 2000 NIS in one payment (plus tax)

For further details and to order a professional examination call us now:
972- 3 - 5446363

Contact us in advance and you will be able to go to work with a peaceful mind, knowing that your baby is in good hands!