Exchanging quality links improves the rating of your website in the search results of internet search engines. Google rates its search results not only according to quality of content, but also according to the amount of links leading to the website. This
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Exchanging Links


Exchanging quality links improves the rating of your website in the search results of internet search engines!

Google rates its search results not only according to quality of content, but also according to the amount of links leading to the website. Google’s database contains billions of websites. Studies have shown that Google’s index is composed of approximately 8 - 10 billion websites. Several websites that are not included in this index have been nicknamed as belonging to “the disappearing network.”

How can you transfer your website from the disappearing network to that main network viewed by surfers searching through Google or other search engines?

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The best way to start is by locating as many websites as possible that deal with a similar field as yours and exchanging links with them. An additional factor that affects your Page Rank rating is the amount of links leading to your website.

Google considers the Page Rank rating as one of many factors that determine the relevance of a website to a given search. A more important factor is the content of the page that the link leads to, and the content of the linking page. Bear in mind that it is better to exchange one quality content link with a link dealing with the topic of your website, than exchanging hundreds of links with websites that are not related to your website!  This is a fact!

This fact is true for other search engines as well, such as: MSN, Yahoo, and Inktomi. We come across business owners all the time who claim, “Who is Google to determine the relevance of my products? My products and services are the leaders in the field! I should be first in the search results anyway”.  This may be true, but things on the internet are determined by different and changing factors. 

Google and Inktomi have created search engines that produce several quality matches with any given search.  These search engines are constantly working on improving the suitability and quality of their search results.  This means that website owners must make a continual effort to prove that their websites are relevant to popular searches. Exchanging quality links assists in doing this!

Another important dimension considered by search engines is the content of the text appearing in the link leading to your website. This text is called Anchor Text. It is very important to make sure that the Anchor Text appearing on the link to your website contains the relevant search words that you want to use to promote your search results. When exchanging links with other websites, you can always ask them to include your desired Anchor Text.

As mentioned already, there is a perception that products and services alone are sufficient to build a successful internet business. This is a wrong perception. The internet is built as a network for sharing information. Search engines have been set up as a byproduct of this fact, with the intention of enabling surfers to reach relevant websites by means of a simple search. 

Since there is no entity monitoring the activity on the internet, search engines do everything in their power to match their search results with the key words that surfers are searching for.

In order to do this, search engines examine the content of every website and the content and quality of the websites providing links to the first website. Exchanging quality links with websites operating in fields related to yours improves the quality of search results!

A website that wants to be rated well in the search results of a search engine should emphasize relevant, quality content. Exchanging links with websites operating in the same field is an excellent way to do this.

The more you expose your viewers to greater quality content, the greater your credibility and importance will be in the eyes of search engines. This way, more surfers will visit your website and may offer to exchange links with you due to the quality and significance of your website. This logical method will cause your website (and the content appearing on your website) to be ranked higher in the results of search engines, including Google.

Getting a good ranking in a Google search result is easier when you invest in and focus on the quality of the content on your website, while simultaneously exchanging links with other quality websites. Make sure to check what websites you are exchanging links with, and remember that it is more beneficial to exchange links with websites dealing in the same field as you.

In today’s world, the internet is an inseparable part of your business. Remember why the internet was established - in order to share information with everyone connected. Exchanging links means sharing information!

Yanir Levin